Anne Hathaway's Rumored Pregnancy News Is Already Ruined

Anne Hathaway Adam SchulmanAfter photos were taken of her having an emotional moment with friends and family at a private dinner in Manhattan, the media immediately went into a frenzy of speculation that Anne Hathaway is pregnant with her first child.

Anne and her fiance, Adam Shulman, dined at Picholine restaurant last Thursday night with both sets of their parents and some close friends, and supposedly it was pretty obvious that the couple was over-the-moon excited about something. (And of course, a pregnancy is the only thing any engaged couple is allowed to be giddy over.)


One source told Radar Online:

Not only did both Anne and Adam have their parents at dinner with them, which is unusual, but the amount of enthusiasm and excitement made it clear that they were celebrating some major news. And while everyone else sipped on wine at dinner, Anne didn't drink any alcohol, which is an indication that she could be pregnant.

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It's obvious from the photos that these two were incredibly happy and excited, and it did appear as though they were sharing some sort of news with everyone at the dinner. But if Anne really is pregnant, then her happy baby news has already been completely ruined. She and Adam obviously kept the invite list at that dinner to family and close friends for a very good reason, and if they are expecting a child, it's probably not something they're ready to share with everyone quite yet.

When I was pregnant with my son, there were only a few people I broke the news to before the 12-week mark hit. One of those people was my boss, and I specifically went into her office to tell her during the lunch hour, when I knew most of my other co-workers would be out of the office. She was, of course, thrilled to hear my big news -- but our moment of excitement was quickly interrupted by a very nosy lady we worked with. She popped her head into the door of the office and yelled, "Oh my gosh! Is it what I think it is?! Are you pregnant?!"

I was beyond mortified -- not to mention pretty pissed off. It was MY announcement, and it was up to ME to determine who I told, and when. To this day, I still feel like she stuck her nose where it didn't belong and stole a little bit of my thunder.

And if Anne Hathaway does turn out to be pregnant for real, my guess is we won't hear an official announcement for at least a few more weeks. She'll probably give the rumor mill time to die down a bit so maybe she can salvage some shred of her exciting news (if there is any) with the rest of the world.

Did you have anyone leak your pregnancy news before you were ready to tell people?


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