Amy Poehler's Makeup Advice to Young Girls Isn't Funny (VIDEO)

ask amyAmy Poehler, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways ... seriously, I'd probably be here all day if I tried to do that. But at least I have the time and space to talk about how much I love Smart Girls at the Party, the awesome website/video series for girls founded by Poehler and real life pals Meredith Walker and Amy Miles. The tagline? "Change the world by being yourself." Need I say more?

This is the kind of thing moms like me (my daughter is 11) dream about:

No mindless celeb gossip, no body image-warping content, no treating girls like they're nothing more than a bunch of catty consumers. 

Just really cool stuff like Ask Amy, a you-ask/she-answers advice show with Amy Poehler playing a "Dear Abby" type for teens.


This first episode focuses on the dilemma of a 14-year-old girl whose dad won't let her wear makeup like all of her friends because he says she's "too young." Egads, what to do?! Not surprisingly, Poehler's answer manages to be thoughtful, compassionate, practical, and funny -- all at the same time. Like, if every girl needs her own personal Amy Poehler, adolescence would be a LOT different:


Sweet, right? I swear I almost started crying when she said (about makeup), "You're so pretty you don't even need it. I think pretty much every 14-year-old is so pretty they don't even need it." One of those truths girls are heartbreakingly oblivious to until many, many years after the fact. And I was really impressed with Poehler's suggestions for dad/daughter negotiating.

Best series ever? I can't wait for more, that's all I know!

Do you think Amy Poehler gives girls great advice?


Image via smartgirls/YouTube

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