Penelope Cruz Reportedly Pregnant With Another Ridiculously Gorgeous Baby

Penelope CruzThough she hasn't officially confirmed the news, there are new reports this morning saying that Penelope Cruz is pregnant with her second child -- and that she's about three months along or so.

A Spanish TV show called Espejo Publico first broke the story, saying that "multiple sources" have confirmed that Penelope and her husband, Javier Bardem, do indeed have another little one on the way. (You gotta love when "close friends" spill the beans like that.) This photo of Penelope was taken about a month ago -- was she covering her belly to try and hide a baby bump?


If the rumors are true, then it looks like Penelope & Javier's son, Leonardo, 17 months, will be getting a sibling to play with very soon. And regardless of whether this baby is a boy or a girl, the world will certainly be blessed with another insanely beautiful celeb child to ooh and ahh over.

But can you even imagine how stunning a mini version of Penelope would be if she does wind up welcoming a daughter? Wow. Hollywood will be itching to get their hands on that kid from the moment she arrives.

Penelope, however, sounds like she's not too interested in working right now, and she's just enjoying being a mom. She recently said, "I’m a housewife and it’s beautiful, the best thing in the world." It sure sounds like she's happy to have taken a step back from her busy career, so it would definitely make sense for her and Javier to go ahead and add another baby into the mix.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if she is spotted with a baby bump in the near future -- or wait for her to issue an announcement on whether baby number two is truly in the works. (Fingers crossed!)

How far apart are you planning your first and second babies?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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