Adele's September Baby Is Already Destined for Fame (VIDEO)

adeleIt was definitely a huge shock when Adele announced her pregnancy a couple weeks ago, but now it appears that Adele may have another secret to spill -- because she's reportedly due in September!

According to one insider, "Adele has barely left the house in recent months, so she could keep this to herself for as long as possible." Wow -- seven months is a very long time to keep a pregnancy secret, especially for someone as famous as Adele! If her rumored due date is true, then she was actually pregnant at the Grammys back in February and no one knew it. (Way to hold back, girl!)


And if Adele does wind up having a September baby, then her little one will be born as either a Virgo or a Libra -- which means the baby will come into this world with some very different traits depending on which day of the month he/she arrives.

If the birth happens between September 1 and September 22, the baby will be a Virgo. Typically, Virgos are analytical, reliable, precise, and very independent. And based on how successful mama Adele has been at such a young age, a Virgo baby would definitely get off on the right foot as far as following in her footsteps goes.

But if her new son or daughter shows up on or after September 23, Libra will be his/her sign -- which will shift the baby's personality entirely. Libras are peaceful, sociable, and like harmony in their lives -- which definitely fits the traits you'd expect a talented musician's child to have.

Based on horoscopes alone, it sounds like this baby arriving in September makes total sense for Adele. But now that her secret is out, let's just hope she doesn't wait too long to tell us about the birth and show off her new baby after he/she officially arrives!

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about Adele's due date.

Have you wondered whether the horoscope sign around your due date will determine your baby's personality?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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