Kourtney Kardashian's New Baby Is Finally Here -- But What About Mason?

mason disickShe's finally arrived! Kourtney Kardashian's and Scott Disick's new baby girl Penelope Scotland was born just yesterday. And you know what that means? Kourt's son Mason Discik is now a big brother.

As any mom of two or more young children will tell you, having a new baby sibling means big changes around the house. And those big changes can make a toddler feel left out and forgotten -- which can lead to some pretty regressive behavior.

I'm sure Kourtney is watching out for Mason, though, and making sure he still feels special and included even after his family has grown. Here's a few things they may be doing to help Mason love being a big brother to Penelope.


Preparing: During her pregnancy Kourtney probably told Mason about the new sibling on her way (um, well, of course she would have). Hopefully she and Scott encouraged Mason to ask all the questions he needed to. Maybe he went on a few doctors visits, heard Penelope's heartbeat, and even got to be in on the conversation about what to name her.

Call her OUR baby: This new baby belongs to the whole family, so it helps to describe her as "our baby." That way it's something exciting that's happening for the sibling, too -- not just the parents.

"Helping": Sometimes older siblings want to "help" their parents take care of their baby. Of course, a toddler's help isn't exactly helpful. But I admire parents who patiently teach their toddlers how to play and help as much as is safe.

Make "me" time: Those first few weeks especially it's all about the new baby. Everyone visiting is there to see her, and she's all anyone can talk about. That's why it's important to carve out a little one-on-one time with your first child so they still feel loved and noticed.

Be patient: Some kids adjust better than others. And some kids are just going to have a hard time sharing the attention. I think a kind parent is patient with a toddler struggling with a new baby and encourages him to talk about feelings about this new member of the family -- even if those feelings are negative.

What did you do to help your toddler feel included when you had a second baby?


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