Usher's Stepson Reported Brain Dead After Devastating Accident

usher and former wife tameka fosterEvery parent's worst nightmare seems to have become a terrifying reality for R&B megastar Usher and his estranged wife Tameka Foster tonight. A frightening accident has left Tameka's 11-year-old son, Kyle Glover, brain dead, according to TMZ. Glover was sitting on an inner tube on Lake Lanier with a female friend when he was struck in the head by a passerby riding a jet ski, according to Department of Natural Resources Sergeant Mike Burgamy. 

The girl is said to have suffered serious injuries, and Glover was said to be unresponsive since being rescued from the water. Until recently, all we knew was that he was in critical condition. But now, TMZ is reporting that doctors have declared the boy brain dead, as there have been no signs of brain activity since he arrived at the Atlanta hospital. How incredibly horrific and so, so sad.


Tameka was said to be with her son since the accident, and Usher arrived late last night. And reportedly, at this point, there have been no decisions made yet about whether to keep Kyle on life support.

I can't even begin to imagine what Tameka and Usher are going through at this moment. A totally random curveball like this has to be one of -- if not the -- most devastating things a parent could ever face.

Although the former couple has been embroiled in an bitter divorce battle, there's no doubt the two will need one another, the support of others, and ultimately, some kind of justice to be served. With hope, the investigation of this shocking incident turns up an explanation and a culprit. In the meantime, I'm sure Glover's family can use all the extra prayers and thoughts during this tremendously difficult time.

How absolutely heartbreaking is this news? What would you say to parents who are going through something like this?

Image via PhamousFotos/Splash News

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