Tom & Katie's Divorce Could Ruin Suri's Siblings' Lives

Isabella Cruise Connor Cruise
Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise
The minute news broke that Katie Holmes had filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, the questions about Suri followed. It's only natural. She's only 6. But it makes the uncertain future for Connor Cruise and Bella Cruise that much sadder, doesn't it?

Tom's teenage children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman don't spend much time in the spotlight, but mentions of the kids have come most from Katie in recent years. She seemed like a stepmom who truly enjoyed her stepkids, and they her. Now they're caught up in the middle of divorce, yet again, and all anyone wants to talk about, including Katie it seems, is their baby sister.


Bella may be 17 and Connor 19, but I'm going to say it: can't these poor kids catch a break? They deserve a little piece of the sympathy pie here too.

Katie may not be their "mother," but the rumor mill has spit out a lot about what life has been like for Tom's older kids, and not much of it is good. Nicole -- who we all know is remarried herself with two adorable little tots -- has told members of the media over the years that she would like to see Bella and Connor more but doesn't. It's always implied that this is somehow Tom's fault, although the blatant claims that Sir Freaky has pushed mom and kids apart have come largely from former members of the cult of Scientology.

Regardless, we know these two kids haven't had much contact with one mom ... who now has two younger children. That's hard on a kid to begin with. 

Then there's mom number two, Katie, who they DID have a lot of contact with. (That picture above? It was taken when they were going to see her perform somewhere.) But it looks like she's gone too, and putting up a public fight once again for a younger sibling leaving Bella and Connor alone with  Tom ... again.

You can't blame Katie for fighting for her biological daughter, but you could see how it could be misread by some angsty, hormonal teenagers as a smack at them, can't you? It's not hard to imagine Bella and Connor are feeling left out in the cold. Both parents have remarried, both have had additional children, and those cute little kids get big time love while the teenagers are sort of ignored.

Ignoring the teenagers in the midst of divorce isn't singular to celebrity splits, and I don't think a lot of parents even realize they're doing it. There's this focus on the little ones because they don't understand, and they "need" parents to do things for them that older kids don't.

But that's just it: the older kids don't "need," and therefore, they don't get the attention that comes in the everyday stuff like cutting up their dinner and serving them or running their bath. You need to make a special effort with teenagers to make sure they're getting the support they need, and at least one half of the equation -- the mother figure for Bella and Connor -- isn't around to do that.

The other problem? Kids Suri's age don't understand what's going on, but there's a blessing in that. Teenagers understand everything, and I'm betting there is no shielding Bella and Connor from all the dirty details in the press right now!

Here's hoping someone can swoop in and give these kids the support they need right now ... even if that means taking a little away from Suri.

Have you handled a divorce with teenagers? Any tips for TomKat?


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