Justin Bieber Hangs Up on Radio Host for Insulting His Mom (LISTEN)

Justin BieberJustin Bieber has put the world on notice. He may be a high school graduate, but the teenage singer respects his mom! The Biebs hung up on radio personality Mojo during a recent interview when the show host made a sexual your mom joke. Good for him!

Mojo, who hosts the eponymous Mojo in the Morning, was talking about the guys from One Direction when he made reference to band member Harry Styles' penchant for dating older women. The DJ then asked Bieber if Styles would be seducing Pattie Mallette, the teenager's 36-year-old single mom. Take a listen:


Jump to around the 6:30 mark if you want to listen to Mojo bringing up One Direction, and wading into the "your mom" joke territory:

I have to stand by Justin on this one. Making reference to someone else's mother, especially in a sexual context, is immature. It's the kind of thing teenage boys, kids Justin's age, are expected to do (even if Jenny McCarthy refuses to believe it will happen to her son).

Expectations of immaturity aside, Pattie Mallette earns her own round of applause here. She's done one major thing right with Justin. Justin Bieber's mom has raised a boy who understands that joking about sex and your mom is degrading to women. Good on her!

I think most parents all hold out hope that they will be raising the generation of boys who have enough respect for women not to make those kind of jokes. But it's not easy when society is full of bad examples, adults like Mojo who would tease a teenage boy about his mom. That's the kind of thing parents need to be wary of, and stand up and fight. Teaching our boys to respect their own moms is a big step in teaching them to respect all females.

What do you think your son would do if someone made a joke about you?


Image via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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