Katie Holmes Should Have Had the 'Scientology Talk' With Tom Cruise Years Ago

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As rumors have it, Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise because she was afraid he was going to push some major Scientology voodoo on their 6-year-old daughter Suri. Apparently Tom was ready to pack the little gal up and ship her out to a crazy, militant brainwashing-esque group called Sea Organization. That may've been the final kick in Katie's butt to get her the hell outta Dodge.

As expected, most people are ecstatic for Katie and continue to bash Tom and his science-fiction-author-created "religion." I'm certainly no fan of Scientology. And if all the rumors are true, I hope the cult gets shut down for good. I'm also not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, though he does make some good movies. But unlike the majority of people embracing Katie these days, I've got to throw my supportive hat into Tom's ring.


Why? Simple. Katie knew what she was getting into. She knew Tom was extremely into Scientology. She knew he divorced Nicole Kidman and the baggage involved there. So why is she suddenly grabbing Tom's daughter and running now?

You can easily equate the whole situation to a mixed marriage. I'm not talking about skin color here, but religion. When someone Jewish marries someone Catholic, there's bound to be some friction down the line when kids come into the picture. Your choices are either to raise your kids under both religions or pick one from the onset.

Many times, parents will put off the religion discussion. "We'll figure it out when the kids are older," they'll say. And when the kids are older, that's when the disagreements start and things get ugly.

Is it fair to put your child in the middle of your and your spouse's religious war? Absolutely not. So talk it out before you even get married. You may only be thinking of yourself at that moment, but if you have strong religious beliefs to start with, then you need to think of your future kids.

In other words, don't be selfish. Yes you're in love and want to spend the rest of your life with this person, but if you have such differences of opinions on something like religion, it's only going to lead to heartache later on. You might as well just adopt a kid on your own in that case and not even bother with the whole marriage thing.

If nothing else, Tom Cruise has never kept his religious beliefs secret. If Katie disagreed with them from the onset, she never should have married Tom.

Do you think you should decide what religion you're going to raise your kids before you get married?


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