Jenny McCarthy Thinks Naked 'Playboy' Spread Won't Bug Her Son -- Really!?

Jenny McCarthy PlayboySay what you will about Jenny McCarthy, but her sixth Playboy cover proves this mom has still got it. Got sex appeal that is. Sense, on the other hand? Well let's just look at what Jenny thinks of her son getting a look-see at his naked mama.

McCarthy says she has no problem with 10-year-old son Evan one day finding her various Playboy poses. Nudity, she says, isn't such a big deal, because you can find stuff that is so much worse on the Internet. True enough, but generally you don't find your own mother, naked, on the Internet.

And more to the point: neither do your friends!


Before she pooh poohs the critics, McCarthy might want to take a trip through your average high school and eavesdrop on the teenage boys ribbing one another. She will soon learn that talking about one another's moms is standard fodder for this set. Making jokes about sex and a guy's mom is sure to get him pretty steamed.

Now, she might want to think some more about the activities of teenage boys when they are not around their friends. When they are alone ... in their bedrooms ... with their tube socks. What are they reading? Ding. Ding. Ding! Playboy! And if Evan's pals are picking up one of Jenny's, it gives a whole new meaning to "what I did to your Mom last night," doesn't it?

Jenny McCarthy may not be worried about her son seeing her naked in a magazine. I get it. I don't want my kid freaked out by the concept of nudity. And I have a funny feeling that Evan won't even want to look ... would you want to see your mom nekkid? Me neither! Or my dad either (OK, going to go shower to wash THAT image out of my brain forever).

But Jenny needs to be realistic about the choices she's made and what they mean for her son. Other people are looking at her naked, and those other people are going to come into contact with her kid. Pretending that he should be cool with it isn't being a good, supportive mom.

Check out more on here latest Playboy spread:

What -- if anything -- can Jenny McCarthy do to protect Evan from the inevitable fallout over his mom's naked body being open for other people to ogle?


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