Jessica Simpson's Latest Photo of Baby Maxwell Is a Must-See (PHOTO)

maxwellIt's been nearly a month since we last saw her, but she's back! Jessica Simpson just tweeted a photo of baby daughter Maxwell with the caption, "Howdy friends." Howdy indeed. What a cutie. 

Maxwell is almost 2 months old and definitely still has that newborn "greetings, Earthlings" look. She's got a few brown curls on her head and such chubby cheeks. It looks like she may be holding her head up already. And she's definitely bright-eyed and alert.

But ... what a crazy world we live in that we're seeing photos of celeb babies via Twitter!


Of course, Jessica first introduced Maxwell to the public almost a month ago on the cover of People magazine. (Supposedly she got $800,000 for the photo, too!) So this isn't the first time we've seen Maxwell -- and it definitely won't be the last.  

I wonder how you figure out how much exposure is too much exposure for a baby like Maxwell. There's insanely high demand to see images of her and Jessica wants to keep her fans happy. There's also the danger of kidnapping, but the idea of keeping Maxwell's image a secret is just crazy. It would be impossible and fans would just think it's weird.

So Jessica will have to walk a fine line between protecting her daughter's privacy and sharing just enough with fans. Right now while Maxwell is just a baby, it might not matter quite as much. But we've seen what happens with Suri Cruise and the Jolie-Pitt kids! Little Maxwell may be in for a wild ride. Hope she's ready.

How much of Maxwell do you think we should see -- more or less?


Image via @JessicaSimpson

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