Megan Fox Is Definitely Pregnant & Here's Proof

Megan FoxJust in case you were the one person on the planet still unconvinced that Megan Fox was really pregnant, here's absolute, positive, 150 percent proof! La Megan is with child. She's got a bun in the oven. A tater tot in the microwave. (I just made that up.) She's on stork watch. She's PREGNANT.

Megan Fox and her man, her hubby, her DH, her baby daddy, her partner, her sperminator, Brian Austin Green, went on vacation in Hawaii, and the paps got some great shots of the expectant momma in her bikini top and beige lightweight pants.


Brian already looks to be the doting dad, too. He can't seem to keep his hands off the baby bump. In one photo, he's kissing it. In another, he's got his arms wrapped around it. In another, he's casually leaning over and touching it. Okay, Brian, give a pregnant lady a break for a minute! Dang. The bump ain't going nowhere.

Megan and Brian still have not officially confirmed that she is pregnant, but um, does it really need a confirmation now? Clearly, this is more than a little weight gain. And I don't think Brian would be so protective and loopy over a belly that contained nothing but too much pasta and beer. Plus, the paps just happened to know that a big-bellied Megan would be out in a bikini on Hualalai? It's possible the couple alerted a favored photog to get some snaps and break the news. This is the way these things work, my friends.

Megan recently told E! News that while she'd love to have kids, it wasn't something she was planning "against or for." I'm a pretty big believer that unless you are planning against, you are planning for.

Congratulations, Megan and Brian! For a name, I suggest Fox Austin. Eh, eh?


Image via Simon Davison/Flickr

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