10 Snooki Quotes That Show She's Not Ready for Motherhood

snookiNow that she's expecting her own little meatball, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has cut out the hard partying. That's right! No waking up with her face in a trash can or showing her hoo-ha on the dance floor ... at least until she delivers!

Some motherly instincts are even starting to peak through: "Preggers power!" she tweeted. "I'll cut a bitch if you mess with my baby!" I dig this new protective vibe, but she ain't no June Cleaver.

Here are 10 ridic Snooki-isms that make me doubt whether the pint-size partier is really ready to be a mom.

  1. “I’m kind of scared of baby monitors, because I believe in the paranormal, and I believe ghosts will come through it.”
  2. "Instead of life throwing me a curve ball, it threw me a spermball."
  3. “I read that your baby can feel your orgasm. What does he think it is? Does he see, like, rainbows and unicorns?”
  4. “When it’s not around me, I really don’t care, I could care less. But when I see my friends party, you know, stuff like that, I want to play too. So, if I see it, it sucks."
  5. “I’ll be having sex in my dream and when I wake up, I’m actually having sex. Jionni’s, like, doing it with me as I’m sleeping.”
  6. "I want to wear, like, leopard shoes and a leopard gown -- like the hospital gowns that they have. I think that would be cute.” -- On her ideal delivery room outfit
  7. “The baby is probably horny. That little creep. [During sex] he’s probably like, ‘Yeah, Mommy!’”
  8. "I'm excited to be a MILF."
  9. "When my baby can hear sound, I'm gonna blast Dobenbeck, Ercola, Medina, Kaskade & Tiesto."
  10. "I had a dream I was in labor and my mom induced me with a shot in my shoulder. My old principal was my doctor. You know when you hold in a fart and it hurts? In my dream they were contractions."

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Do you think Snooki will be a good mom?

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