Giuliana & Bill Rancic Are Going Traditional With Baby Boy Name

giuliana rancicWhen Giuliana and Bill Rancic announced that they were having a baby boy earlier this week, fans got excited! Of course, we would have been happy if it was a girl, too. Just when you find out the sex of the baby, you can start envisioning things a little more. I just love the Rancics -- they are going to make such awesome parents with all they went through on this journey to parenthood. Infertility. Breast cancer. But they never gave up and now have a gestational surrogate carrying their little baby boy. 

Giuliana and Bill also just told the world that we shouldn't expect their little bundle to be named Bronx or Jupiter. Oh no. The Rancics are going traditional with their baby name. And I have some guesses!


William Jr. -- Named after papa who was born a William and goes by Bill.

Henry -- Classic and cool. We can also add Adam, Jack, Benjamin, and Samuel here, too.

George -- Some people might hate this name and think it's too stuffy, but I think Georgie is just about one of the cutest nicknames ever. Plus, um, George Clooney made the name suave.

Donald -- Would they dare name their baby after Mr. Trump, who crowned Bill as the first Apprentice winner and essentially enabled him to meet his wife.

But I really think the name is going to be ... Edward. Edward was Bill's father's name (he passed away of cancer) and Eduardo is Giuliana's dad's name, so it's the Italian version. Strong name. Sentimental. Traditional. Perfect! Of course great for the Twilight fans as well.

All the best to Giuliana and Bill ... and baby boy!

What baby name do you like best for the Rancics?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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