10 Celebrities That Would Have the Cutest Babies

Poor Stacy Keibler. She's dating George Clooney and you know what that means -- people are keeping a reeeeal close eye on her belly! Recently she had to shoot down pregnancy rumors after appearing to sport the tiniest "baby bump" known to mankind. Instead of assuming she'd had a big plate of pasta the night before, the media went wild with baby speculation. Don't take it personal, Stace. It's just that we want to see George Clooney's offspring sooooooo bad. Sure, he's said a gazillion times he doesn't want to get married or have kids, but things happen, amiright?

Here are 9 other celebs we want to see have the cutest babies -- right now!


Jennifer Aniston. We've been waiting for it since Brad! Not a week goes by that some tabloid isn't proclaiming that Jen is preggo. That's a lot of pressure for a gal, but Jen smartly shrugs it off, saying, "If it happens, it happens." But that means you're not trying NOT to, right, Jen?

Khloe Kardashian. Poor Khloe! Sometimes it seems the entire world is waiting for her to get knocked up. The pressure has stressed her out so much that she railed on sister Kim for even suggesting she get fertility treatments. Leave a girl alone, Kim! The tabs have got ya covered.

Angelina Jolie. Yeah, I know. There are already six little Brangelinas in the world. But one can really not ever have enough Brangelinas. Besides, someone has to replenish social security!

Miley Cyrus. Sure, she just got engaged. And she's so young. But who cares about that! We're gonna watch that belly like a bunch of hawk-eyed old ladies in rocking chairs!

Bethenny Frankel. After Bethenny's recent sad news that she miscarried a little girl, we're all going to be hoping for another. Like yesterday! Just kidding, Bethy. Nooooo pressure.

Robsten. Okay, so KStew and her man, Robert Pattinson, aren't married or even engaged. But wouldn't a little immortal be nice? In the movie, I mean. Not in real life, not until he puts a ring on it, sistah!

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively. These two just moved in together, which means buying furniture? Hells no. It's BABY TIME. You two are far too pretty not to get down to procreating ay-sap!

Kate Middleton. Kate is under nooooooo pressure to conceive. Hahahaha. We know her womb is under more pressure than any other gestation pillow on the planet. Just think happy thoughts, Kate.

Ryan Gosling. Who cares when. Who cares how. Who cares with whom. But a little Ryan Gosling MUST be made. I'll help out if you insist, Ryan.

Who are you dying to see have a baby?


Image via Flequi/Flickr

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