7 Tips to Keep Snooki From Turning Into a Meatball Mama (VIDEO)

SnookiAs much as we all know how important it is to stay active during pregnancy, it really isn't all that easy to get motivated sometimes. And if anyone knows just how tempting it is to lounge around all day and be somewhat sedentary during those long nine months, it's definitely Snooki.

But then again, she is spending a decent amount of her pregnancy filming scenes for Jersey Shore -- which isn't exactly a favorable environment for getting up and moving.

If I'd been living at the beach when I was pregnant, I probably wouldn't have bothered to get up off my lounge chair either. In fact, I can see how that would make it about 10 times harder to gain any sort of motivation at all.


As you will see in the video below, however, staying fit is important to Snooki, and even JWoww has agreed to help her out with her pregnancy workouts.


She doesn't exactly seem thrilled about getting started with a fitness program, but maybe if she takes a few of these tips to heart -- she'll be motivated in no time.

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1. Ditch the scooter -- As long Snooki has that darn scooter to ride around on, she will have no incentive to walk anywhere. She needs to get rid of it all together, and then she'll have no choice but to get moving.

2. Follow JWoww everywhere -- JWoww is a total gym rat, and if Snooki just makes it a point to hang with her every single day, she'll be forced to do a few exercises at the gym.

3. Hit the beach -- Seeing a bunch of super-tan "guidettes" sunning themselves in tiny bikinis is enough to make any girl want to hop on the treadmill -- pregnant or not.

4. Go clubbing every night -- The rest of the Jersey Shore gang would probably love to have Snooki hit the club with them, even if she can't get sloppy and drunk. But she can do one thing with all of them -- let loose on the dance floor. This way she can have some fun and get more motivated to stay in shape.

5. Avoid Sunday dinners -- I know the whole crew likes to get together for big Italian-style dinners every Sunday, but maybe it would be best for Snooki to sit them out for the remainder of her pregnancy, or at least bring her own meal. Nothing makes you feel like more of a couch potato than a fat plate of spaghetti & meatballs.

6. Do a little shopping -- Snooki recently said she doesn't plan on wearing maternity clothes during her pregnancy. Checking out the cute summer styles in the beach side boutiques may be just what she needs to keep her pregnancy weight gain in check.

7. Hang out with Sammi & Ronnie -- If Snooki really wants an extra kick to get out of the house and take a walk, all she needs to do is challenge herself to sit in a room with Ronnie & Sammi for five minutes. She'll be running out the door as fast as she can in no time flat. (No one can take that amount of torture.)

What other tips can you offer Snooki to help motivate her to work out?


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