Giuliana Rancic Reveals Baby's Sex & We Love Her Even More

Giuliana RancicVery few people deserve a baby more than Giuliana Rancic. The TV host, reality star, cancer survivor, infertility veteran, and (finally!) mother-to-be went through enormous amounts to bring her baby, due to be delivered by a gestational carrier next month, into this world. In true Rancic fashion, she isn't keeping any bit of it to herself, either. And that fact only makes me love her more.

One of my pet peeves with pregnant women are people who don't find out the sex of their babies. Granted, I am not judging it. I just don't get it. 

When people say, I wanted it to be a "surprise," I always say this: Isn't it enough of a surprise when a baby pops out of a vagina?


The fact is, pregnancy is a time of many, many surprises, and each time there is a reveal, it's a surprise. Surprise! I am pregnant! Surprise! I am expecting a boy! Surprise! I went into labor! See how that works?

What everyone loves about Rancic is her openness and her candid nature. I can't stand when people say, "Oh we know but we're not telling" when you ask what the sex is. Or, "We know but we're not telling" when you ask what the name is.

Spill, people! The only reason people ask is because they are genuinely excited. OK, OK. I get that some women are more private than others. But I totally dig and respect that Rancic isn't. It only makes me like her more.

I am 100 percent sure that she is going to make an amazing mom. And after all that ... yes, it seems Rancic is expecting a BOY. Break out the blue!

Truth be told, knowing ahead of time was always the best choice for me because it helped me wrap my head around the baby. Sure, I loved my babies when they were inside of me even before I knew whether they had male or female parts. But it sure was easier to imagine my future with them once I knew what each was.

Personally, I can't even imagine it another way and I say major congratulations to Rancic. Whether you found out or didn't or shared or didn't, I think we all can agree on one thing: She deserves to be a mom. It's so exciting!

Did you find out your baby's sex?


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