Snooki's Dream of Weighing 100 Pounds Is Outrageous (VIDEO)

SnookiIt's not really a huge shock that Snooki is making funny and outrageous comments during her pregnancy, but some of the stuff she says just seems, well -- kind of unrealistic. (Even for Snooki.)

She recently talked to The Insider about her pregnancy thus far, and some of her wackier statements included insisting that "cravings are all in your head" (try telling that to a pepperoni pizza when it's screaming at you to devour it), and vowing not to wear maternity clothes at any point in her pregnancy. (Good luck with that one, honey.)

But Snooki also made it quite clear that keeping her weight gain in check is definitely a priority. And while pregnancy weight is always a concern regardless of whether or not you're a celebrity, it sounds like she is already putting way too much pressure on herself to be back in super-tight mini-skirts immediately after her baby boy arrives.


As you will see in the video clip below (towards the end of the clip), Snooki doesn't seem the least bit concerned about getting back to her petite pre-baby weight of 100 pounds.

I hate to break it to her -- but the majority of women don't bounce right back to their pre-baby weight at the snap of their fingers right after giving birth.

In most cases, it takes a hell of a lot longer than expected -- or at least it did for me. I too, figured I'd be back to my normal size fairly quickly after my son arrived. (I think I even considered packing a pair of pre-baby jeans in my hospital bag.)

But in reality, it took me a good nine months to shed every last ounce of the weight I gained -- and even then, my body still didn't look exactly like it did before I became pregnant. (And over six years later, it still isn't quite right.)

Snooki definitely needs a reality check -- otherwise she may be setting herself up for a huge disappointment (and shock) after she gives birth. But if she's truly worried about putting on too much weight during her pregnancy, she might want to think about walking instead of riding around the Jersey Shore on a scooter this summer.

Are you putting a time limit on yourself as far as losing your baby weight goes?


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