Snooki Rides a Scooter While Pregnant & You Should Too

Snooki scooterWhen I first saw this picture of Snooki riding on a scooter, my first reaction was something like, "Oh my God -- what the heck is Snooki doing on a scooter? Has pregnancy really made her that lazy? Is filming scenes for Jersey Shore really that tiring?"

But then I thought about it a little more and changed my tune -- and now I think she's absolutely genius for literally putting her feet up and cruising around Seaside Heights like an 80-year-old woman. Honestly, I'm a little bit bummed that I didn't think about getting my scoot on when I was pregnant with my son. It sure would've made navigating the grocery store aisles a lot easier. (Carts are hard to push with a big ole' belly!)


As crazy as it sounds, pregnant women should really take a lesson from Snooki and think about switching from walking to scooting when they find out they've got a bun in the oven. Heck -- a scooter can even be pretty useful as a new mom too.

And I've come up with a few good reasons why.

1. Swollen Ankles -- Um, hello? Are cankles not the most uncomfortable thing ever?! It can be hard to walk up and down the stairs towards the end of a pregnancy let alone navigate the neighborhood when you can't tell where your legs end and your feet begin. Why walk and risk cankles when you can scoot instead?

2. The Fatigue Factor -- I'm not sure which was more exhausting -- being pregnant or taking care of a baby all day. At least if I'd had a scooter during those times in my life, I would've felt a bit less wiped out at night.

3. Avoiding Falls -- The last thing any pregnant gal needs is to take a tumble and risk something happening to the baby. And as long as you're a careful driver, scooters are virtually fall-proof.

4. Footwear Is Optional -- I know being barefoot and pregnant is kind of cliche, but the truth is, it really does feel good to go shoe-free during those nine months. If you're feet aren't touching the ground, there's really no need for uncomfortable shoes.

5. Need for Speed -- It can be hard to move at a good pace while pregnant, but it's also tough to chase after babies once they start walking -- and I'm thinking the scooter could really give moms the upper hand.

6. No Heavy Lifting -- You know how you aren't supposed to lift anything remotely heavy while pregnant? That basket on the front of Snooki's scooter sure comes in handy for shopping trips.

7. Extra Sympathy -- Let's be honest, all pregnant women and brand new moms need as much sympathy as they can get. And if people see you riding around on a scooter, they might feel a bit more compassionate and offer a helping hand.

Do you think a scooter would make your pregnancy easier?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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