Lea Michele Is Role Model in Decline of Jewish Teen Nose Jobs

lea michele
Lea Michele, nose role model
I think we can all agree that we as a society worry too much about looks. And this can affect teens the most -- specifically teenage girls. There is too much pressure to look a certain way and one of the rites of passage particularly for Jewish teen girls was to get a nose job if they weren't born with the "perfect" nose. Sarah Jessica Parker famously had rhinoplasty. Barbra Streisand famously did not. But the good news is more Jewish teens today are following Streisand's lead and keeping their natural nose. The surgery is down 37 percent since 2000.

Glee star Lea Michele recently talked about her decision not to change her nose despite the pressure to do so.


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Lea told Harper's Bazaar last year that many managers told her to get a nose job and that she wasn't pretty enough. "But I proved them wrong," she said. Yes, she sure did! Experts say that more and more teens are embracing their ethnic heritage and don't want to blend in. They want to be who they are -- be themselves.

Interestingly, as rhinoplasty is on the decline for Jewish women, facial plastic surgery is on the rise for Asians and African-Americans -- though both want to maintain their ethnic features.

It was written on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons site that: "The typical Asian patient who has eyelid surgery desires a wider, fuller eye that is natural looking to the Asian face and maintains an almond shape. An African-American ... may want to reduce the size of their nose to achieve a harmonious balance with other facial features, but is not seeking a nose that is more European."

This news still makes me happy. Teens are seemingly proud of their heritage, proud of who they are. This is such great news for the self-esteem of kids at that very trying age. Now if only more teens were satisfied with the size of their breasts, so we could get those unnecessary breast augmentation numbers down. Baby steps. 

What do you think of this news? Would you be okay with your teen wanting plastic surgery? What would you tell your teen if she wanted a nose job or other procedure?


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