Katherine Heigl's Advice for New Moms About Sleepless Nights Is Spot On

Katherine HeiglPerspective is a beautiful thing, isn't it? And Katherine Heigl served up a healthy dose of it this weekend. Now the mother of two thanks to the recent adoption of newborn Adelaide, she has a message for new moms everywhere.

Forget the poopy diapers and the sleepless nights. Just be grateful you have them. She and husband Josh Kelley might already be parents, but they never GOT to do this stuff before!


Heigl confessed to People that she's a whole different parent this time around with baby Addey (as they're calling her), and part of it is because she and Kelley adopted daughter Naleigh as a 9-month-old:

I had never had a newborn before. I didn’t really have that experience. So it’s all been new. I was prepared for the nights and having to get up and all of that. But the beauty of it is it’s really only a few months of your life that you’re walking around like a zombie because you haven’t slept.

I couldn't help being struck by that.

I would have been perfectly fine listening to Heigl moan about being exhausted. I would have identified and felt sympathetic. Once you've been through that time, you are marked by it because of how HARD it is. Anyone who says they never hated a moment of the newborn year is lying to themselves.

Babies scream and cry and pee and poop and demand food, and you have no clue what in the heck they want, and you haven't slept in weeks, and all you want to do is curl up under your comforter and refuse to come out for a solid 48 hours, but you can't!

Which is exactly why we need comments like Heigl's to remind us why we do this whole parenting a baby thing. We need someone to take us by the shoulders, look us deep in the eyes, and say, "Hey, you in there, you don't have to be a parent. You get to be a parent. How awesome is that?"

It's easy to whine and complain and ask for pity from the rest of the world because, "OMG, I have a newborn, and it's sooooo much work." But here Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley are, right in the middle of one of the hardest years of parenting, and they're still able to say, "Hey, you know what, we're OK with it!" If they can do it, you can do it. Trust me. 

Do you feel yourself getting caught up in the pity poor me attitude about the infant stage? How do you get out of that rut?


Image via friskytuna/Flickr

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