Gisele Bunchen Will Top 'Painless' Birth of Baby #1 With These Childbirth Hijinks

I know we are all so excited that Gisele Bundchen is pregnant again. Not because we want to see what baby #2 will look like, or what sex it will be, or even find out what Gisele and hubby Tom Brady will name the little supermodel/professional athlete. Nope. We want to know how Baby Deux will come into this world! Because Baby Uno, Benjamin, certainly made a big splash when he arrived. Literally. Little Ben was born in Gisele's bathtub. And without ANY pain meds on the part of Mommy. Gisele has said, "It wasn't painful, not even a little bit." Of course it wasn't. Because Gisele used yoga breathing techniques to get through the tiny inconvenience of childbirth. And because she is GISELE, people!

Well, it would be difficult for anyone to top that birth, but not for Gisele herself. So here are some ways I think the model might astonish us all with her super-easy and pain-free childbirth redux!


North Pole baby. Gisele takes a sled via 12 huskies up to the northernmost tip of our planet and single-handedly builds herself an igloo on an floe out of ice chunks that she herself has chipped off with an axe. She wears no jacket while she does this, oh no. Jackets are for wusses. She quickly gives birth and then takes an icy but refreshing dip with some penguins.

Jungle baby. Gisele rows a riverboat down the Amazon through the thick jungle stalks of Pucallpa. Straight after giving birth, she catches a piranha with her bare hands, cooks it up, masticates it, and spits it into the mouth of Baby Deux.

Sky baby. Only Gisele could simultaneously pilot an aircraft, jump out of the plane, and give birth mid-air. With no parachute.

Mt. Everest baby. The earth's highest mountain attracts climbers from all over the globe and has killed 219 of them. But Gisele could effortlessly hike to the summit whilst being in labor. Nor does she require a sherpa.

Dancing With the Stars baby. Gisele could sign up for next season's DWTS because only Gisele could master the mamba, the cha-cha, and the Macarena as Derek Hough helps with delivery. Not that Gisele needs any help, of course.

In what way do you think Gisele could give birth?

Image via skinnynecklover/Flickr

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