Natasha Gregson Wagner Wins Best Baby Name Award

Barry WatsonIt's a girl for Natasha Gregson Wagner and Barry Watson. The couple's rep told People that their daughter was born last week, on May 30, and they're "overwhelmed with love and joy."

It's the first child for Wagner, 41, who's an actress and also the daughter of Natalie Wood. Watson, best known for his role as Matt Camden on 7th Heaven, has two sons from a previous relationship -- Oliver, 7, and Felix, 4.

The name they chose together for their daughter is one of the best I've heard in a long time. It encompasses sentimentality, and it's unique without being bizarre. It's ...


Clover. Clover Clementyne Watson. How adorable is that?

It has so many things going for it. First, it flows so well together, and I adore the alliteration. It's also a tribute to Natasha's mother, as it was reportedly inspired by Inside Daisy Clover, a film from 1965 in which Wood starred.

I've never met anyone named Clover, and I'm not sure why because it's such a great name. If I was pregnant with a girl, I'd be all over it, which is weird, because I tend to lean toward more traditional, old-fashioned names usually. But this I love, and Clementyne is absolutely the perfect middle name with which to pair it.

Celebrities aren't exactly known for their good taste in baby names, and they've come up with plenty of wacky ones (sorry Gwyneth Paltrow, "Apple" still hasn't grown on me), but Watson and Gregson did well with this one. Welcome Clover!

What do you think of the name Clover Clementyne? What are your favorite celebrity baby names?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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