Kendra Wilkinson on Spanking, Bribery & Other Controversial Parenting Moves

Kendra WilkinsonIt seems like a lifetime ago that Kendra Wilkinson was living with Hugh Hefner, and showing us what life was like inside the Playboy Mansion as one of his girlfriends on The Girls Next Door. Now she's married to Hank Baskett III, has an adorable 2-1/2-year old son, Hank Baskett IV, and her new show Kendra on Top is premiering tonight on WE tv.

Life today dealing with preschool and potty training is a bit tamer than the happenings at the Playboy Mansion, but Kendra still lives according to her own rules, and has thrown the parenting books out the window when it comes to raising "Little Hank." She bribes, spanks, and believes co-sleeping is mean, but at the end of the day, she's amazed and proud of the job she's doing as a mother and is happier than she's ever been.

I recently spoke with Kendra about her parenting philosophies, fears, and defeats, and she revealed some of her biggest parenting confessions. Here's what she had to say about some hot-button parenting topics.



She's totally into it. "We're not ashamed to admit it. We try to guide him, but when it comes to some things, we go for the bribe." Her bribe of choice: Organic fruit gummies.

Her Worst Parenting Moment

When Hank was 10 months old, she had "the flight from hell" with him while traveling from Los Angeles to Minnesota. "Little Hank screamed the whole way. Not just crying, it was screaming. It was the most traumatic thing ever." She hasn't flown commercial with him since.


Does she? "No way! They have a bedroom for a reason. I feel like it's mean to them. We cuddle him and everything, but we don't want him to be that attached to us. Bedtime should your own time and time for him to rest. You can't do that when you're in bed with your parents."


"It's a touchy subject, but there was a time when I had to give him a little pop on the hand. I never said I'm going to be a spanking mom, but I feel like you have to do what you have to do. I don't him walking over me. A little spank now and then -- yeah, we're not anti."

Parenting Philosophy

"I'm not a crazy parent, but I follow my instincts. If I smell something bad, it's usually bad. Advice is good, but I'm the only person who really knows Little Hank, and I believe in my instincts. I don't go by the book."

What She's Most Proud of As a Mom

"We're finally starting to see the outcome of all of the work, love, and guidance. It shows we're doing a good job. Being able to hear him say please and thank you or caring when someone falls down shows that he's nurturing and caring, and that comes from both of us [she and Hank Sr.]"

On Rumors That She's Pregnant Again

"No comment."

Here's a clip from Kendra on Top in which she has a pregnancy scare though, so who knows:

What do you think of Kendra Wilkinson's parenting philosophies? Will you watch Kendra on Top?

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