Kendra Wilkinson's First Pregnancy May Ruin Her Second

kendra wilkinsonEver since she welcomed her first child, Hank Jr., two years ago, everyone has been wondering when Kendra Wilkinson is going to have baby number two. And isn't that always the case? The minute you have a baby, all anyone cares about is when you are going to have another baby. (Give a girl a break!)

Judging from photographs that were recently taken of Kendra carrying a shopping bag containing a couple boxes of home pregnancy tests, it looks like giving little Hank a sibling is a definite possibility. (Maybe she's already pregnant?) But Kendra hasn't been shy about the fact that she's pretty scared to have another baby -- not that anyone can blame her.


Kendra suffered from postpartum depression after her first pregnancy, and she also had a really tough time shedding the 60 pounds she gained while she was expecting. But her honesty about her less than perfect experience as a new mom is one of the things I love most about her. She never once sugar-coated just how big of a transition it is to go from being the life of the party to sitting at home on Friday nights watching TV and praying that the baby sleeps through the night. (And then there's the whole diaper explosion thing.)

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When describing her experience as a brand new mom, Kendra told InTouch:

I was living under a grey cloud, and lost who I was. It took me two years to not only get my body back, but to feel like myself again.

All I can say to that is, "Amen, sister!" That statement perfectly sums up how I felt after having my son. As much as I adored him, I still couldn't help but feel like I lost my identity completely -- I had no idea who I was anymore. And while there were a lot of factors which contributed to me having a tougher time adjusting to parenthood than other women, the experience definitely scared me straight -- and is a big part of why I don't plan on having another baby.

Pregnancy was so fun and exciting the first time around -- mainly because it was a new adventure and I had no idea what to expect. But now that I know exactly what to anticipate as far as the emotional and physical changes go, the notion of having a second baby is much more frightening. I can so identify with everything Kendra is feeling, though it looks like she's warmed up to the idea of being pregnant again a lot more than I have. I'm 99.99 percent sure I'm on the one-and-done plan. (Unless there's some sort of slip, of course.)

After being pregnant for the first time, do you feel more or less anxious to have a second baby?


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