'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Wants to Inspire Your Kids With Her Oh-So-Glamorous Life

Farrah AbrahamWhenever someone starts moaning about Teen Mom and how the MTV reality series "glamorizes pregnancy," I heave a deep breath. And when they finally stop ranting, I lean over to ask just on question: "Have you actually watched it?" Because as one of the show's moms, Farrah Abraham, said herself this month, there's nothing as "un-glamorous" as teen pregnancy.

It's depressing. It's sad. And that might make for good television, but that doesn't make it pretty, folks.


As Farrah Abraham recently admitted while promoting her involvement with the show:

I’ve learned since becoming a teen mom is that life is unpredictable. I’ve felt all kinds of emotions through this journey such as sadness and stress. I’ve had horrible relationships, and felt a lack of support at times.

If your kid is looking at that as glamorous, folks, you have more problems than just the possibility of being a grandparent! This girl got scammed out of her car. Her boyfriend died. She had to call the cops on her mom. It was not easy or happy!

Heck, it's pretty brave that she's stuck with the show and let people see just how "un-glamorous" it is. Abraham screwed up -- a lot -- during her years on the MTV. At first, to tell you the truth, I couldn't stand the petulant teenager and every foul thing she yelled at her mother. "If that was my daughter," I would think, shuddering and unable to finish the sentence. As time has marched forward, she's grown, and grown on me. I look at her more fondly through the eyes of a mother: I see her growing up.

And that's just it. When I watch Teen Mom, I think, "That could be my daughter." As cheesy as it may sound, the ordeals these kids go through empower me as a parent not to fall prey to the temptation to put off the sex talk or pretend that kids don't have sex because it's "icky" to think about.

There are four moms on Teen Mom. There are four more on Teen Mom 2 and another four slated for Teen Mom 3. Those are 12 teenage girls who got pregnant. Kids do have sex. And kids do end up pregnant. Whether you're watching the show or not, the message it's throwing in your face is that teen pregnancy is not something we can just pretend doesn't exist, because that isn't going to stop it.

Just watch an episode of Teen Mom and ask yourself: Do you want that to be my kid? Because Farrah may have made money off of MTV, but she doesn't want it to happen to HER kid. And I don't want it happening to mine.

Be honest: What the heck is "glamorous" about teen pregnancy?


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