Jennifer Garner's Baby Samuel Makes His Photo Debut

The first pictures of little Samuel Affleck, 3-month-old son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, have been released. And guess what? Samuel is totally cute, with big, puffy lips and pudgy cheeks, just like Mom. Bet you didn't expect that, right? No, of course you did. The photos were snapped while little Samuel was out for a stroll in his bassinet in the Afflecks' Los Angeles neighborhood. And the photos are right up in the baby's face. So, it begs the question, how the heck did these photos happen?


Paparazzi, of course, stake out celebs and their children wherever they may roam. But these photos of Samuel are interesting, because it appears that whoever took them was standing directly over his stroller. What that means is either the paparazzo was on a slight incline nearby with a very long photo lens, or maybe the pap walked by and caught the kid with some kind of hidden camera. Or, just fishing here, maybe someone arranged to stroll with Samuel, meet the pap, and split the fees (unlikely as they'd then be the prime suspect!). Or, just fishing here, Ben and Jen were okay with having Samuel's photo taken.

These days, most celebs hold off on the public seeing their newborns until they can sell the photos, or appear with their baby on the cover of a magazine, usually timed to promote something. But it's possible that, this being baby number three for the Afflecks, they were blase about the whole thing and just wanted to get the pics out there so that the interest would die down.

Although I understand celebs selling their baby photos, especially if they donate the money to charity like Brad and Angelina do, I still respect celeb parents who don't bother with it, and who don't want to profit off their children.

But, whatever the case, and however the pap got the photo, it sure is a cute one.

What do you think of little Samuel?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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