Jessica Simpson's Baby on 'People' Is Just the Latest Celebrity Cover Cutie (PHOTOS)

jessica simpsonIt's out! It's out! The picture of Jessica Simpson and her darling new baby girl is finally out! And we have it right here for you to get a look at the People magazine cover that's introducing little Maxwell Drew to the world. 

Hold your horses, we're getting there. But first, we know the real question here is whether the cover rates the $800,000 the singer supposedly got for Maxwell's first photo shoot? That depends of course on how you rate baby photos. Do you want an honest depiction of life with a newborn? Or do you just want to see if the kid is cute or not?

Considering we have yet to see a celebrity baby photo featuring a screaming newborn, I'm betting it's the latter. So to judge whether People got their money's worth, we've put J Simps' new girl and her cover up against some of the biggies.


As someone who thinks all babies are ugly from the get-go, even I have to admit Jessica's little girl managed to tug at my heartstrings. But can little Maxi Drew carry a cover like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? And what about Suri Cruise? When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise showed her off in Vanity Fair, it was impossible to get a copy. I had to go take a peek at my local library! Little Maxwell has some pretty stiff competition.

So you be the judge! Here are some of the sweetest celebrity baby introductions to come out on newsstands recent years, and of course the introduction of Maxwell Drew!

Which new baby magazine cover is your favorite?


Image via jhv33/Flickr

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