Kailyn Lowry's Summer 'Bucket List' Sounds Like Fun for a Toddler, Too

kailyn lowry summer bucket listSummer is just around the corner -- what are you planning to do with your kids? Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry already has her summer bucket list and it's loaded with adventures for herself and for her son Isaac. She posted her list on Instagram and it's filled with super-fun ideas for kids' activities in the sun.

Um, well, except maybe not "swim with sharks." She'll probably leave Isaac home for that one.

But even some of those grown-up activities like sewing and reading a novel in Spanish could be translated into something cool for her son, too. Are you getting ideas?


New family portraits: I love outdoor portraits. This doesn't sound so fun for Isaac, but given how creative Kailyn is, she'll probably find a way to make it a cool experience for him.

Take Isaac to an aquarium: Yes! We love visiting the aquarium. And Isaac is definitely old enough to enjoy it. He'll love the sea lion show.

Go horseback riding: Okay, Isaac is probably too young for this. But maybe he could watch a little and pet the horses with an adult? We took our son horseback riding for the first time last summer (he was 7) and he had a blast.

Read a novel in Spanish: While Kailyn is reading, she could teach a few new words she's learned to Isaac.

Make a stranger smile: We're always worried about our kids bothering other adults. But every once in a while, I'm surprised when I see my son or another child make someone smile. This activity requires no planning!

Paint fight: Hello, this activity is toddler central.

Take a pic on a mountaintop: Have you ever gone hiking with a toddler? I think it would take a lot of stamina for the parents -- you know you'll be carrying your kid at least half the time.

Finish by back piece/start half sleeve: I don't think kids are super helpful with sewing projects. Pins! But maybe she could set Isaac up with his own cloth project?

What are you planning to do with your kids this summer?


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