Snooki Reveals 'It's a Boy,' But the Name Is Even Bigger News!

I know we have all been waiting breathlessly for Snooki to announce the sex of her baby, and now she has! Snooki will be expecting a little bambino. That's boy, in non-Italian. Snooki told In Touch that she wanted a girl, but that as long as the baby is healthy, she's happy. I sense a collective sigh of disappointment that we won't see a little Snooki, with the garish bejeweled diapers, the wispy baby pouf, and the possible (fake) baby tan. However, there is some good news!

Snooki also says she won't be giving her little bambino a typically weird Hollywood celebrity name. She's going old-school. Snooki and her fiance, Jionni LaValle, may go with either Jionni Jr. or Lorenzo. Good, solid Italian names, both.

But in case Snooki is still considering monikers, here's a few others she might want for her short list ...


Rocky. What name says Italian better than Rocky, as in Rocky Balboa? It also says strong, survivor, fighter, athletic. All Snooki traits. Except the last one.

Fellini. Federico Fellini is, of course, one of Italy's premiere movie directors. The name says, La dolce vita!

Carmine. Who can forget Shirley's sexy Italian boyfriend, Carmine, from Laverne & Shirley? This name says, The Big Ragu!

Marcello. After Italy's most famous actor, Marcello Mastrianni. This name says, swoooooon.

Dean. Dean Martin sang one of the most famous Italian-American songs of all time. This name says, "That's Amore"!

Sinatra. The chairman of the board. Duh.

Luca. The Godfather is one of the best Italian- (and, yes, Mafia-) themed movies of all time. Luca Brasi is one of its most infamous and memorable characters. Who would mess with a kid named after Luca Brasi?

Vito. Another The Godfather reference. Vito Corleone was the head of the Corleone family and played by Marlon Brando. How could anyone refuse the offer of this name?

Vinny. My Cousin Vinny was an adorable Italian-themed movie starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei. This name says, I'm not named after a mobster.

Ronny. Nicolas Cage played the lovelorn hand-less Ronny in the classic movie Moonstruck, which also starred Cher. Snap out of it!

Any more ideas for what Snooki can name her bambino?

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