Know-It-All Gisele Bundchen's Pregnancy Could Be Bad News for Moms

gisele bundchenIt's a well known fact that she's the world's most perfect mother, so it's definitely not a shock that reports are popping up saying Gisele Bundchen is pregnant with baby number two. And if she is indeed expecting her second child with husband Tom Brady, all I can say is, "It's about time!"

Considering Gisele had the whole parenting thing figured out about 10 seconds after she delivered her son Benjamin, I'm surprised they waited this long to have another baby. She definitely has all the answers for how to bring up children, so it totally makes sense that she and Tom would want to go ahead and expand their brood and populate the world with a future generation of know-it-alls. (Am I being a bit too harsh? Nah!)


Fashion designers apparently noticed a change in her body while dressing her for various events, which sparked the initial baby bump rumors. Supposedly Gisele has shared the big news with family and close friends, and is expected to make a public announcement fairly soon. This photo of her was taken on May 7, and she wasn't showing any signs of a growing belly. But then again, she is Gisele, so it will probably take a bit longer for her body to swell.

A pregnancy is always a miracle, so part of me is truly happy for Gisele if she's pregnant. But I can't help but wonder what sorts of judgy statements are going to come out of her mouth now that she's experiencing pregnancy for a second time.

Remember the whole "pregnant women who gain a lot of weight are nothing but garbage disposals" thing? Yeah -- I'm not sure that I'll ever quite get over that one. It was insensitive, completely inaccurate, and downright mean.

And how about her declaration that mandatory breastfeeding should be a law? Way to stick it to formula feeding moms and make them feel like they're committing some sort of a crime.

Hopefully Gisele has learned from her past mistakes and will keep her mouth shut (for the most part) this time if she is pregnant. If she lays low and refrains from making any judgemental statements about other moms, she may even have a chance of redeeming herself this time around.

Do you think Gisele has a bit of a pregnancy glow going on?


Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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