Snooki Ditches 'Jersey Shore' House for Baby's Health

SnookiCall the Mother of the Year committee, because Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, of Jersey Shore just may be in the running. No, I don't mean Child Protective Services, as I might have suspected we'd need to call when we first learned she was pregnant; I mean she's actually shaping up to be a fit parent. Her latest move is so unexpected and so wise, it's downright admirable.

It was impressive enough when she of the perma-orange-Cheeto glow, actually gave up tanning for her baby's health, but this is even bigger and more self-sacrificing than that. She's actually leaving the Jersey Shore house behind.  


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Don't worry, she'll still be on the show, she just won't be in that lair of lewdness with the rest of the gang. She's getting her own place, which a source told E! Online will be close by. That means bye bye smoosh room and STD-scented air, and hello to a fresh new (and more sanitary start) for her new little bambino.  The last thing a pregnant mama needs is loud, drunken roommates coming in at all hours of the night, waking her up with their DTF friends and other escapades. With a pad of her own, she can still hang out with them, but then go home to her own bed.

Snooki herself told E! yesterday that no matter where she lives the smoosh room at least is off limits for her:

I'm definitely taking this pregnancy seriously and with all the bacteria and everyone having sex in the smoosh room its just not where a pregnant person or a baby should be.

Amen to that.

While a pregnant chick in the shore house would certainly make for interesting viewing, it's great to see Snooki setting limits and putting her baby's health first. Her strong maternal instincts would have been hard to image a few months back, but she's proving that while leopards may never change their spots those who like wear lots of leopard print can.

Do you think Snooki is going to make a good mom? Are you shocked she's moving out of the Jersey Shore house?


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