Rachel Uchitel Welcomes Baby Girl & Gives Her a Boyish Name (VIDEO)

Rachel Uchitel and Matt HahnTypically in the headlines for no reason other than sad scandal, Rachel Uchitel today made news for a joyous reason -- the arrival of her first child, a baby girl. Known better as Tiger Woods' number one mistress, Uchitel and her husband, Matt Hahn, welcomed their daughter Tuesday evening.

Saturday was Uchitel's due date, and she tweeted her growing anticipation: "Today is my due date. Spent it swimming laps, taking dogs do the beach and catching up with friends. Now what?!" Three days later her daughter finally arrived, weighing just over 7 pounds; mom and baby are said to be doing great.

They chose a popular name for their little princess. In fact, it came in at number 48 on the Top 100 Baby Names list recently released by the Social Security office. Only it wasn't on the girl's side of the list, but rather on the boy's side. It's ...


Wyatt. Wyatt Lily. I've never been a huge fan of the name for a boy, because I immediately think of Wyatt Earp, which makes me think of burp. But for a girl ... I kind of love it.

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I tend to like traditionally masculine names for girls, and this one is really pretty, especially with such a feminine middle name. Now it doesn't always work. Jessica Simpson recently named her daughter Maxwell Drew, which I don't care for at all. Mostly because you know she's going to get called "Maxi" followed by pad, but also because it sounds like a detective and in no way conjures up a beautiful image. Wyatt Lily on the other hand sounds lovely.

Of course, names are completely subjective, so I'm sure plenty of others will hate it. In any case, I hope motherhood is the start of a fresh new chapter for Uchitel, and that she's able to move on past all of the scandal and start setting a good example for her daughter. You think Tiger will send a baby gift?

Do you like the name Wyatt for a girl? What kind of mother do you think Rachel Uchitel will be?



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