Vicki Gunvalson Is Going to Be a (Super Annoying) Grandmother!

Vicki GunvalsonIn what I believe may be a first, one of the Real Housewives is going to become a real grandmother. While there have been rumors circulating in the last week, today sources confirmed that Briana Wolfsmith, daughter of Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County, is indeed pregnant.

According to Us Weekly, she's currently four months along, which means she and her husband, Ryan Culberson, didn't waste any time after eloping in Las Vegas last October. I can only imagine Granny Gunvalson's reaction when she found out.


A source told the magazine that Vicki was surprised but excited, but I bet she's completely pissed that once again Briana is ruining HER wedding. After the elopement that dashed all of Vicki's dreams, they've been planning a formal wedding so that Vicki can get some glory. That little bump probably wasn't in her plans. Plus, just last week on RHWOC, we saw her recoil when someone asked if Briana might be pregnant. 'I'm not ready to be a grandmother just yet," she said.

She better get ready, and I'm sure she will. If we know anything about Vicki, it's that she doesn't do anything halfway. I'm sure we'll see her go into grandmother mode full speed ahead, trying to take control as she goes. Poor Briana.

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While it's clear Vicki loves her children, she's one of the most overbearing, intrusive mothers of all time. Especially over these past weeks we've seen how opinionated, controlling, and oblivious to boundaries she is with her daughter's relationship. The image of her with a new baby in the picture, imparting all of her wisdom and knowledge, is all too clear -- and it isn't pretty.

It's a good thing Briana has a spine and isn't afraid to put her mother in her place, as we saw on this week's episode when she let loose about her feelings regarding her mother's boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. She seems like a down-to-earth girl, which is remarkable given her crazy mother, and I'm happy for her. It's been a whirlwind of a couple of months with her cancer scare, marriage, and now a baby, but she seems well equipped to handle whatever comes her way ... as long as Vicki doesn't get in her way too much.

What do you think Vicki Gunvalson will be like as a grandmother?

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