Jessica Simpson's Maternity Line: Leopard Print & Heels, Oh My

Jessica Simpson already designs a $1 billion dollar retail collection for adults, so it's no surprise that with the birth of her baby girl, Maxwell, Jess plans on adding maternity wear to the line. Jessica says the maternity wear will "show off baby bumps." Well, duh. There was no hiding the one had Jess had. During her pregnancy, which seemed to last eons, Jess and her ginormous bump became famous for her mommy-to-be fashions -- sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a not-so-good way.

So it will be interesting to see what kinds of designs she goes with. The line will launch in the fall with jersey knit dresses, sweaters, and vintage print tops. But I'm thinking a green mumu will make its way into the collection too. And maybe these other Jessica fashion favs ...


Animal print. Oh, how Jess loved her leopard print during her pregnancy. There was the gold leopard print dress and the leopard print jacket and the leopard print sleeves on jackets. She even said she wanted to give birth in a leopard print caftan. And let's not forget the silver zebra print dress.

Gold stripes. Jess didn't shy away from shiny during her time carrying Maxwell. Nor metallic colors. Nor stripes. Here, she wears all three combined.

Bright bold colors. In this floral pattern, Jess seems to be saying, "Look at me! No, wait, look at my ginormous, Earth-sized bump!" Hey, why not? Where else you gonna look?

Hats. Here, Jess sports a lady fedora. It distracts from the bump. Well, no, not really. Nothing could. But it looks cute.

Not just animal print, but animal fur and feathers. Here, Jess sports some ostrich feathers and some fur trim. Since her prices will be a lot lower than the designer wear she's got on here, I'm thinking -- hoping!-- no animals will be harmed in the making of Jessica's maternity line.

Mama's Six-Inch Heels. Jess appeared on The Tonight Show complaining about how much weight she was carrying on her six-inch heels. That's, um, because she was wearing six-inch heels. Which, you know, she didn't have to. But she did. Ho-hum.

I think it will be quite a collection. Certainly never boring. When a woman is pregnant, she does want to be comfortable, but she still wants to look like she can leave the house, feel sexy, have fun, and be fashionable. Jessica's collection might just be the ticket. (Except for those heels!)

What did you think of Jessica's clothes during her pregnancy?


Image via Pacificcoastnews

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