Snooki Does the Unthinkable While Pregnant

SnookiI don't know about you, but when I learned that Snooki of Jersey Shore was pregnant, I braced myself for what was to come. I just couldn't picture someone who was just the other day peeing on herself in clubs (and not washing her hands afterward) and stumbling around drunk most of her life actually being able to handle all the new limitations and changes pregnancy brings. So color me shocked as to how remarkably well she's actually embracing her new role as mama to be.

Need proof that pregnancy has changed her? Just look at her skin. She's has done the unimaginable and has actually ... given up tanning. I know, I know, I would have never believed it, but she tweeted an actual picture of her "non tan," and she's looking good. No more orange glow! But talk about a big sacrifice for her. I would have guessed she'd be baking until the end, but clearly she's erring on the side of caution when it comes to her little guido or guidette. Good for her.


She's also doing everything she can to prepare for impending birth of little ShortnTan, including her plans to take parenting and Lamaze classes. She told E!:

I have three applications on my phone that takes you through your pregnancy. They tell me things like what to eat, what to expect at certain times, like cramps or swelling. I'm always prepared for what's happening to my body.

It's amazing how much pregnancy changes women. I've known numerous people in my personal life who I thought could NEVER handle motherhood (myself included), but time and again, they've shocked me and become amazing parents. Of course, there are a few sad exceptions to the rule, but for most, learning that you're responsible for a new life growing inside you, makes many of your former, less-than-positive life priorities quickly fade and all you want to do is what's best for your baby -- even if it means embracing a new paler version of yourself.

Snooki has come a long way in a short time, and all signs point to her being nothing but a loving attentive mother. Okay, a loving, attentive, and still tacky-as-hell mother (she wants to wear a leopard-print gown and shoes while delivering) but that never hurt anyone (except our eyes a little maybe).

Are you surprised to see Snooki embrace pregnancy so well? Have you known people who you could not ever imagine as parents go on to be great ones?

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