Beyonce's Second Pregnancy Is None of Your Business

beyonce blue ivyIt's just been four short months since Beyonce gave birth to little Blue Ivy but people are already asking her: Are you gonna have another? I mean, there she is at the Met Gala in some ka-razy Givenchy Haute Couture gown, all see-through black lace and purple feathers. And people are asking her that?

ANOTHER ONE? Girl just gave birth five minutes ago! Will you let her catch her breath?

That was probably my number-one least favorite thing people said when I first had a baby. Are you having another one? More? When are you popping out another? I know you just spent nine months pregnant and then 3,948,298 hours in labor, but you can't wait to do it all again, right?


Okay, fine, since someone asked. Beyonce says yes, she wants more babies. "I definitely want more." But since that first question wasn't rude enough she was asked how many. (REALLY?!?) "I don't know how many. God knows I don't know yet," Bey replied, probably with exasperation.

How many more. How many more are YOU having? That's what Beyonce should have said.

I just think it's too soon. That first year? Let the new parents recover and get their footing first. Not to mention, as my husband always put it, "Isn't this one enough for you? Because this baby is enough for me!" That first year with your first baby is so special -- and when people ask you within months when you're having another, it just feels like that major accomplishment of bringing a new human being into the world is somehow inadequate unless you repeat it a few times. And maybe, just maybe, one is actually enough.

Did people ask you that question right after you had your first baby?


Image via Hollywood_PR/Flickr

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