Robert Downey Jr. Makes Parenthood Sound Like a Bad Date

Robert Downey Jr.Poor Robert Downey Jr.! First Mark Ruffalo swoops in and completely steals his thunder in The Avengers. And now he's been forced to admit that hanging with new baby boy Exton is a lot like going on a series of bad dates!

Welcome to the club Buddy! Downey may have some super armor to protect him from the bad guys when he turns into Iron Man onscreen, but back here on planet reality, no parent has yet proved themselves immune from the downside of hanging out with someone who still sits in their own poop. Just get a load of what he told Ellen about the little man.


He’s smiling and talking a little bit. It’s incredible. Well, I mean, you know. I think he is talking. I go, ‘What are we doing? What’s happening?’ He goes [makes baby noises]. I go, ‘Really?’ Kind of like a bad date with somebody who is really small.

Yup. Sounds about right. And now that I think about it, the whole bad date analogy goes way beyond talking like a ninny while this little person stares at you without saying much back. Consider the myriad other ways babies tend to resemble the worst date you ever had:

1. Falling asleep in the middle of the meal: There you are carrying on a conversation. There they are, face down in strained peas. 

2. Farting and then laughing about it: They always say those early smiles are just gas, right? Forgivable because they're cute ... at least at this age. When you're trying to watch a romcom with them on other hand? Not so cute. It doesn't matter how smart (or cute) a fella is when he's a 20-something-year-old fart smeller.

3. Always making a scene in a restaurant: Crying uncontrollably, making the other diners stare: doesn't matter how old they are, you still want to crawl under the table out of embarrassment.

4. Pawing, tugging, biting, etc. your breasts: OK, so the baby has a good excuse; they're hungry! But that's the kind of behavior that would get a guy a kick in the you-know-what ... just sayin'.

What else does your baby do that reminds you of your worst date ever? Are they more inappropriate than Robert Downey Jr.'s little guy?


Image via jasminhunter_photography/Flickr

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