Megan Fox's Pregnancy Is More Obvious Than Ever (VIDEO)

megan foxRumors have been swirling about whether Megan Fox is pregnant and Entertainment Tonight host Steve Jones (formerly of The X Factor) decided to get to the bottom of the matter. During an interview with the Transformers star last week about gadgets from the store the Sharper Image (Fox is a spokesperson), Jones decide to drop the baby bomb.

Although he had been strictly forbidden to ask Fox any personal questions during their chat, he went ahead and asked anyway. But he did it real smooth like -- the way you would when you're talking about Sharper Image gadgets and want to know if someone is with child. Jones asked: "Do you know the ultimate gadget that every man wants? A baby."

See how subtle that was -- gadgets, babies. Exactly. Fox was very confused, too, but then she responded. And now we all know she's pregnant. (That's going to be one cute baby!)


While Fox didn't actually say, "Yes, I'm pregnant." Her expression, her body language, and her publicists said it all. She was overwhelmed, she blushed, she giggled, and her publicists cut the interview short. It was completely obvious that the answer to the "Are you pregnant?" question is "YES!"

Watch for yourself:

See what I'm saying?

If Fox weren't indeed expecting a baby, she could have made a joke, like, "Yeah, well a gadgety robot baby is the only thing that my husband is getting." Or "A gadget baby will be the perfect thing to tide my husband over until I'm ready to have kids." She wouldn't have blushed, she wouldn't have looked to her publicists for help, and they wouldn't have jumped in. Because it would have been a non-issue. "Nope, not pregnant, no baby, now let's move on and talk about something really exciting like motorized tie racks."

I completely understand Megan wanting to keep her pregnancy to herself. I didn't tell my family until I was more than 3 months pregnant, and I didn't tell my friends and coworkers until I was about 6 months along. Everyone wants to share the news in their own time and their own way. Unfortunately for Megan, I think the cat is pretty much out of the bag. She really should fire her publicists. Sure, they cut off the interview but not until it was too late.

So we'll save our congratulations for Megan and Brian until they officially announce their baby news. Until then, we'll be secretly very happy for them.

Wonder if the baby shower registry will be at the Sharper Image.

Do you think it's obvious from Megan Fox's reaction that she is pregnant?

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