'DWTS' JR Martinez & Diana Gonzalez-Jones' New Baby Is Setting Trends Already

JR MartinezMore good news for JR Martinez, the Iraqi war veteran who won Dancing With the Stars and our hearts late last year. Girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones has given birth to the couple's first child! It sounds like the little girl already has Daddy wrapped around her finger ... just the way she's supposed to.

Martinez has been all over the media gushing about the little 7-pound, 13-ounce baby's sweet little freckles and sweet little lips (perfect for pouting at papa?). But can we talk about something else for a minute here? The couple have done something interesting with their little girl's name.


They've named their sweetie Lauryn Annabelle Martinez, which is perfectly lovely. So lovely, in fact, that I was surprised to hear the couple has already dropped the first name and has pulled a nickname from the middle moniker. They're already referring to her as Belle! I guess it shouldn't be a surprise when you consider dad goes by JR rather than Jose Rene.

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It's another lovely name, and I'm sure she's a beauty (have you looked at her parents?), so it's sure to fit. But you don't hear many people actually using their kid's middle name. Usually it's chosen, thrown on the birth certificate, and then more or less forgotten, save for when they have to fill out paperwork at the pediatrician's office or they're trying to come up with an unhackable Facebook password.

It's a shame really. Considering all the work we put into picking a perfect middle name, we should use them more! I like this trend! Fingers crossed that other parents follow suit ... provided they're as good as JR and Diana at picking sweet names for their kiddos.

Congratulations to the family and here's hoping for more big wins like this for JR! After all he's done for our country, he more than deserves it. 

What do you think of the name Martinez and Gonzalez-Jones have chosen?


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