Jessica Simpson's Intro to Motherhood Should Not Get Her Down (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson's baby is due any minute now (come on baby Maxi! Make your appearance), but her introduction to motherhood started long, long ago, almost from the moment of conception. For the past few weeks it has gotten even worse.

Everyone from Nicole Polizzi "Snooki" to Chelsea Handler is weighing in on Jessica's pregnancy. Handler and Katy Perry's questions have been mostly good natured, asking where the baby is already on Twitter.

But any pregnant women will tell you that the worst part of late pregnancy is the constant questioning. Toward the end of my second pregnancy, I finally put up a Facebook status essentially telling anyone who asked me if I had "popped yet" that I would unfriend them. I was half serious, too. Even her baby shower is up for comment. See video below:



Simpson is learning quickly that once you are housing a fetus in your belly, everyone and their second cousin once removed feels they can comment on it.

First it was Simpson's weight gain, then her baby registry, then her sex life (so what if she has more orgasms pregnant) and then it was her plan to dress sexily for the birth.

I would say lay off her, but as a mom of two, I know it only gets worse. Why does everyone think they have a stake in a mom's life? Don't they know they don't?

Jessica Simpson is going to make a great mom. Everyone knows this. She is bubbly and funny and humble despite her wild success. She is loving and affectionate and generous and she had a good mother herself. These are the things that make a great mom, not what baby name a person chooses or how much weight they gain during pregnancy.

Simpson is being broken in early by the mom police, but she will prevail. She has been here before and once her baby comes, she will be so happy, she won't even care.

Do you think people are being too hard on Simpson?



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