Salma Hayek's Breastfeeding Addiction Has Me Baffled

salma hayek breastfeeding addictionSo now we know why Salma Hayek was going around willy-nilly breastfeeding orphans. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, right?) Of course it was to help save a baby -- of course! -- but Hayek also claims she was addicted to breastfeeding. She couldn't help herself, she didn't want to stop, and she kept telling herself "just one more week," but it kept on going. I actually have no idea when (if?) Salma stopped breastfeeding, and if her addiction continues, but I do find it incredibly hard to relate. Even though I know she's not the only one out there that seriously loves breastfeeding -- outside of the benefits it offers your child.


A good friend of mind confessed to me one time that she got a bit of a high while nursing. "It feels good," she said, "even if that sounds weird." At the time I was pregnant, so I had no idea what she meant. Still, it seemed like a side benefit, really, since I was so confident I would be breastfeeding with ease the moment my infant was laid on my chest.

Well we all know about the best laid plans, and so naturally breastfeeding was a gd nightmare for me and my preemie. The only feelings I ever had while breastfeeding were, "Jesus H this hurts. This hurts worse than my c-section scar and the post-c-section constipation combined. Please god, make it stop." Between that and the bloody nipple situation, there was no way I was going to get addicted to the bf'ing.

Breastfeeding does release oxytocin (although I somehow missed this benefit), so if you're grooving on your breastfeeding time, it's totally understandable. So perhaps Hayek was simply addicted to the drug rush. Therefore, it seems completely reasonable (and not at all bizarre) that some people -- not all, clearly -- get a little extra something-something when they're letting down. Sadly, I was not one of those lucky few.

Were you addicted to breastfeeding?

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