Katie Holmes Pregnant? Perfect Timing! (VIDEO)

katie holmes suriThe question of whether or not Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise plan on giving their daughter Suri a sibling has followed them, well -- pretty much since Katie gave birth six years ago. It's almost like some people just aren't willing to accept the possibility of Suri remaining an only child. You know -- because not giving a kid any brothers or sisters is some sort of moral crime. (Major eye roll.) Rumors saying Katie Holmes is pregnant have surfaced yet again -- and this time Star magazine went ahead and put out a whole report claiming she's got a bun in the oven.

Of course, her rep immediately denied the story to Us Weekly, but it's hard not to wonder if there might be some truth to the rumors. She wouldn't be the first celeb to deny a pregnancy and then turn right around and confirm it a few weeks later. And if by some chance Katie is pregnant, now is really the perfect time for her & Tom to add another little one to their family.


At 6 years old, Suri is at a great age to become a big sister. She's totally out of the toddler & preschool phases, so she's fairly self sufficient and doesn't require her parents' attention 24 hours a day. Or at least that's how I feel about my own kindergartner. I'm 110 percent sure I'm on the "one and done" plan, but the thought has crossed my mind once or twice that if I were to (accidentally) become pregnant right now, having a second kid wouldn't be that hard. And even though my son and this hypothetical future child would be pretty far apart in age, he'd probably get a kick out of being old enough to help take care of the baby (right after he got over the idea of not being the center of the universe anymore).

At least if your first and second child are a few years apart, you don't have two babies plus all their required gear to cart around with you everywhere you go. Instead of having to buy two car seats, a double stroller, and twice as many clothes, you can just recycle everything you used with baby number one for your second.

But then again, even if you have to get two sets of everything, maybe it's easier to have babies closer in age? That way you have two children with similar needs, and you can get the harder phases of parenting, like sleepless nights and diapers, over and done with. Starting the whole process over again can be kind of grueling, especially when you're used to having an older child you can take anywhere. Hmm. If I were going to have another baby, I probably should've done it a long time ago.

Check out this video to hear more about Katie's rumored pregnancy.

Is there ever really an ideal time to have a second child? Are you planning on having another baby shortly after your first -- or waiting a while?


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