Katherine Heigl's Baby News Is Just What Her Career Needs

Congratulations to actress Katherine Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelley, who have adopted a second baby daughter. No official word yet on the name of the baby, or where she was adopted from (though the National Enquirer points to Louisiana a la Sandra Bullock's baby Louis). Katherine and Josh are also the parents of Naleigh, adopted in 2009 from South Korea. Are Katherine and Josh trying to become the next Brangelina?


I'm not saying it's too soon to adopt another child. Naleigh is 3-years-old now and probably ecstatic to have a younger sibling. But Katherine, whose sister was adopted, has always made it clear that she wants to adopt and have biological children. Just like, well, Angelina!

It's brave of Katherine to adopt again so soon, since she had a somewhat traumatic transition with Naleigh, who was 10 months old at the time of her adoption, and did not accept the blonde star as her mommy at first. She even said, "Her rejection almost broke my heart." Katherine says she left her hit TV show, Grey's Anatomy, to focus on building her relationship with Naleigh. Wait, I thought she left because she hated the writing? Hm. Hope she doesn't blame Naleigh for One For the Money and all of those other flops.

Anyway, it looks like that situation with Naleigh -- which is all better now -- hasn't deterred her from wanting to adopt again. I wouldn't be surprised if there's more adopted babies to come. Especially since, you know, after all those box office stinkers, Katherine might be staying home more.

Will Katherine adopt more babies? Do you even care?


Image via imav1/Flickr

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