Jack Osbourne's Baby Name Is a Real Gem

jack osbourneDid you forget that Jack Osbourne and his fiance Lisa Stelly were expecting a baby? I did. Did you even know who Lisa Stelly was? I didn't. So, when I read that the couple gave birth to a healthy baby girl (weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds, 6 ounces!), I was all, "Oh. Cool." But then when I read what the couple named their baby girl, I was all "Ohhh. Coooool."

You'd expect the (former?) wild child/son of Ozzy Osbourne to give his daughter a super unusual, borderline ridiculous name, wouldn't you? I mean, the Osbournes aren't exactly known for being mainstream folk. But no. That's so not the case at all with Jack's baby. Jack and Lisa went old school. And it's majorly adorable.


They named their daughter Pearl. Pearl! Isn't that cute? And it's totally "on trend" with the whole old-timey baby name thing. I'm really fond of Pearl in particular, though, because it doesn't immediately invoke images of old ladies with blue hair, a la Esther and Beatrice (not that I don't like those names!). Pearl is sort of half throw-back, half bad-ass. And I'm a huge fan of one-syllable names. I really don't know why, it just seems to be that way.

So, congrats Jack and Lisa. Congrats on your healthy baby girl. And congrats on your super cute name -- which is bound to spark some inspiration in others.

Do you like the name Pearl? Are you a fan of "old timey" baby names?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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