Alessandra Ambrosio's Nude Pregnancy Photo Is Beyond Perfect

alessandra ambrosioVictoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio may be pregnant with her second child, but a baby bump really hasn't altered her model good looks one bit. (So unfair!) Actually, other than her growing belly, she really doesn't look much different than she normally does -- even when she's completely nude. (If only the rest of us were so lucky.)

She shared this photo on her Facebook page of the new ad campaign she shot for Vivara, a jewelry company in Brazil. OMG. How incredible does this girl look naked?! She doesn't have one lump or bump anywhere in sight, and nothing looks stretched out or saggy either. This is about as picture perfect as pregnancy gets -- and most of us can only dream of looking this gorgeous in the buff while eating for two. Her shot makes being knocked up look like a piece of cake, doesn't it?


When I was expecting my son, I couldn't stand the sight of my nude body in the mirror. My skin was stretched out to the max, I was swollen and bloated, and honestly, I barely resembled my pre-baby self at all. I looked like some sort of alien -- or at times, the Michelin man. It's a good thing that I'm a regular mom who isn't remotely famous, because I wouldn't have wanted to even think about posing nude for a magazine ad during that time (or at any point in my life for that matter). It was bad enough that I had to see my body that way, let alone the eyes of the general public.

Of course, if I looked as svelte and sexy pregnant as Alessandra Ambrosio, I definitely would have considered stripping down for the cameras. Who wouldn't want to show off that rockin' bod? Putting your pregnant, naked self out there for the world to see must be a whole lot easier when you have supermodel genes supporting you -- or at least that's my assumption.

Have you looked like "yourself" throughout your pregnancy, or has your appearance changed completely?


Image via Facebook

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