6 Great Children's Books Written by Celebrities

child readingThe last time I walked through the kid's section at a bookstore, I wanted to cry. They let John Travolta write a children's book. And Tyra Banks too (it's about a would-be model named Tookie De La Crème, and no, I'm not kidding). And Glenn Beck for crying out loud.

It seems like all you have to do to get a contract to write for kids is to show up at a publishing house, wave your hand and say "Hey, I'm a celebrity!" Snooki is expected to put hers out any day now (OK, not really ... at least, God ... no ... please, just no). So you could be depressed about the state of kids literature. Or you could look on the bright side. 


There are actually some celebrities whose books for kids ... wait for it ... don't totally suck. Some of them are even kind of good if you ask me.

Want to know what's worth putting on the bookshelf beside the Velveteen Rabbits and the Anne of Green Gables? Here are a few shockers worth checking out.

What is your favorite children's book penned by a celebrity?


Image via John-Morgan/Flickr

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