Megan Fox Is Pregnant for Real This Time (VIDEO)

Megan Fox and Brian Austin GreenEver since her secret wedding to Brian Austin Green in 2010, pregnancy rumors have followed Megan Fox. Eyes have been on the Transformers star's belly for any hint of a transformation, and now it seems one is under way. Finally, it seems Megan Fox is actually pregnant.

While Star magazine reported late last month that Fox was pregnant with her first child, that was Star magazine. As much fun as that made it to speculate, we knew that meant chances were about 50/50 that she actually was pregnant. Tonight, however, it's E! Online reporting the news, and their sources say Fox is indeed pregnant.


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What welcome and incredible news! I suppose since neither has actually confirmed the news themselves, it could be another false alarm, but it's not likely based on the number of reports. I think it's safe to say they really are pregnant this time, or at least safe enough to get excited.

Besides the fact that they're going to have the world's most beautiful baby, she's going to make a great mother. She's already proven to be a great step mom to Brian's 10-year-old son from another relationship, and she's made her desire to become a mother clear. She recently told Cosmopolitan:

I want at least two, probably three kids. I've always been maternal.

And now she's on the way. I'm thrilled for the couple for plenty of reasons, selfish ones included because the fact is we really need some hot, new pregnant women in Hollywood. I'm about as over Jessica Simpson's pregnancy as I'm sure she is, and Kourtney Kardashian only gives us so much. Tori Spelling is a fun (and surprising) addition to the mama-to-be club (again!), but she really needs a little company. We need our pregnant celebrity fix.
Congrats to Megan and Brian. We can't watch wait to watch your family (especially Megan) grow.
Are you excited to learn Megan Fox is pregnant? Do you think she'll be a good mother?


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