Parenting Rebel Alicia Silverstone Gets Judgy Mommy's Knickers in a Twist

Alicia Sliverstone at CoachellaWhat a parenting rebel Alicia Silverstone has turned out to be. Her latest shocking parenting move: She took little Bear to Coachella. You know, that drug-filled, music, free-for-all that definitely doesn't have a kids' menu. Yep, that one, and there the toddler was in the midst of all of that debauchery.

Now, he was wearing noise cancelling headphones (and looking quite adorable in them), and there are no reports of her taking bong hits and blowing the smoke back into his mouth, but it's still making people talk. Mommyish came out with a strongly worded admonition against her choice, and said the festival was in no way fitting for children.


Personally, I don't see the problem. I wouldn't want to take my kid because, frankly, I'd have more fun without him, but I don't think keep him safe there would prove any more challenging than, say, Wal-Mart on a crazy Saturday. I think it's pretty cool that she wanted to spend time with him instead of leaving him home with a nanny, but for many this is just another notch on her bad-mom belt.

Now, truth be told, she does seem to delight in shocking us with her nontraditional parenting choices. And she's certainly on roll. She started with her son's name -- Bear Blu. We should have known she wasn't going the traditional route after that.

Then there's her decision to feed him only vegan foods, which, again -- her kid, her choice -- but that still set off a whole other storm of protest. Most notably, however, in her endeavors that freak out the world was the video in which she was seen promoting her practice of Mama Premastication. If you missed that whole ensuing fury, it's basically where she chews up food then spits it into Bear's mouth. Eww, but I guess there are some benefits to be had.

And now there's this Coachella business, which I'm sure will ignite a whole new fury for her parenting abilities. But really, who cares? I admit I find her choices bizarre and not things I would ever do, but she seems to be an amazing, dedicated, and caring mom, so who I am to judge?

Oh but judge we all do, especially when it comes to other mothers -- with choices big and small. I think to some degree it's inevitable and part of human nature, but in the end, she's not hurting her child nor is she hurting us. She's simply raising her son in the way she thinks best -- just like we all are. Plus, doesn't he look like he's having fun?

Do you think it was wrong for Alicia Silverstone to take Bear to Coachella?


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