'Teen Mom' Kailyn's Toddler Problem Sounds All Too Familiar

kailyn isaac"Teen Mom" Kailyn Lowry tweeted something that sounded awfully familiar last night. "The cleanest room in my house is my 2 year old son's room. Probably because the things that belong in his room are throughout the house." Oof, too funny! And too true. I feel you, Kailyn. I feel you.

Don't you love how you create this adorable space for your child with a place for every toy, book, and sock only for that child to drag half of their belongings throughout the rest of your home? I know kids play everywhere -- and that's what we all want. But they do seem to leave a breadcrumb trail of toys all over, don't they?


When your kids get older, you can get them into the habit of picking up after themselves, of course. But at that toddler stage, it's a little harder. We have a tiny apartment and we've given up a lot of space so our son can have his own room.

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But you know how they say you only ever use one room in your house? We shouldn't have bothered with his room because he doesn't ever want to play there. He wants to play wherever we are. And where are we? Not in his room, that's for sure. 

Little plastic dinosaurs have invaded the living room and are allowing us to remain as their guests out of their goodness of their cold-blooded little hearts. 

And don't get me started on the critters I'm constantly clearing off the kitchen counters. In fact, I've started just leaving a few permanently. There's a toy elephant living by the stove, a one-eyed alien in the bathroom next to my makeup, and a Wonder Woman action figure on my desk. I just keep reminding myself: Someday my son will be grown up and I'll miss stepping on Legos with my bare feet.

Do you feel like your child's room is neater than the rest of the house?


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